martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Chelsea FC chocolate birthday cake - Gateau d'anniversaire forme ballon de football - Pastel con forma de pelota de futball

Hi there ! It's such a long time I haven't published anything. I'm sorry for that but had a lot to sort out.

This is my last creation for a friend's birthday fan of Chelsea FC : half soccer ball with Chelsea FC scarf. It was challenging, especially to find out the necessary material but I had a lot of fun preparing it. I just made my usual yummy chocolate gluten free cake and a chocolate ganache to give it  a good shape. As I choose not to put any filling, I added double thickness of ganache on top of the cake. Then it's just a question of modeling the sugar paste to have this result.

Once we cut the cake, My friend pour some double cream on it. That was lovely.

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