viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Baking for Charity : Banana cupcake - Carrot cupcake and red velvet cakepop all gluten free

Today I was baking for the charity bake sale. I did some banana cupcake, carot cupcake and red velvet cake pop. 

Banana cupcake

- 2 eggs
- 40 g melted butter
- 90 g gluten free flour (self raising mix)
- a pinch of salt
- 45 g sugar
- 1 tea spoon baking powder
- 3 bananas
- 1 soup spoon milk

Mix the eggs and the sugar. Add the milk, flour, butter, baking powder and salt;
Smash the bananas. 3 bananas gives a strong banana flavour so if you want it lighter just put one or two bananas.
Add the mashed bananas in your previous mixed.
Fill in your cupcake mould 2/3 to allow rising.
Put them in the oven for 20 min. at 180ºC. Once cooked place them on a grill to let them cool.
I spread chocolate icing fondant on them but you can also use nutella or mermelade. I added sugar paste disc painted zith edible glitering colorant. The sugar paste I used was chocolate flavoured. On top of it i added a sweet (in this case nice Dragibus from Haribo brought earlier in France in my last visit).

For the Carrot cupcake I just followed the receip I posted earlier here. I added some sugar paste flower.

For the red velvet cake pop I prepared a red velvet small cake (I did 10 pop cake out of it). 

Ingredients :
* 125g flour gluten free and self rising
* 1/4 gluten free tea spoon rising powder
* a pinch of salt
* 1 table spoon cocoa powder (sugar free)
* 60g butter
*150g caster sugar
* 1 egg
* 1/2 tea spoon vanilla extract
* 120ml milk
* red gluten free colorant
* 100g philadelphia cheese (natural not flavoured ! ;-) )

Mix together the flour, the rising powder, a pinch of salt and the cocoa powder.

In a different bowl softer the butter until smooth. Then add the sugar and mix well.
Then add the egg and the vanilla extract. Mix well.

Add to this mixture the flour mixture in 3 times as well as the milk, starting and ending by the flour mixture. Add the colorant and mix well so that the whole mixture is well colored.

Pour into a mould and cook for 30 min. at 170ºC. 
Once cooked, cool down for 10 min and remove from the mould. Leave it cool completely (another 1/2h).

Then mashed completely the cake. Add 100g philadelphia to it (more or less as it depend of the moisture of your cake) so that you can form sphere that stick together. Put a cake pop stick into melted chocolate and fix it in the cake pop. Put it in the freezer for 1/2h.
Pour melted chocolate over it and add whatever you like on it like coconut.

Coming soon... a video on how to do assemble and decorate the cake pop.

Enjoy !

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Candlemas crepes - crêpes de la Chandeleur

Today is Candlemas in France and this day is celebrated with crepes.
Therefore, here you have my receip for preparing nice crepes gluten free. The proportion will give you 10 crepes more or less.

100g gluten free flour
2 eggs
5g sugar vanilla flavoured
5g baker powder
125ml milk

Mix all the ingredients in the order they appear. Milk must be added little by little to avoid lumps.
Then leave it aside  for 2 hours at room temperature before using it. If the dough is very thick and doesn't you make thin crepes (the thinner the better) then add water, not milk. You can also in the preparation replace half of the milk by water.

In a pan, add 1/2 spoon of oil and sprea it. Add some dough and frie it for approx 1 minute. Then turn the crepe upside down and frie it for half minute. The pan must be at all time very hot to ensure the crepe doesn't stick to it. The first crepe is normally wrong and thick and help you find out how much water you have to add to the dough to get thin crepes.

You can serve the crepes with chocolate sauce (cooking chocolate that you melt just before spreading over) some marmelade or just caster suger.

Enjoy !

Ajourd'hui c'est la Chandeleur et les crêpes sont incontournables.
Voici une recette pour faire environ 10 crèpes sans gluten.

100g farine sans gluten
125 ml lait
2 oeuf
5 g de sucre vanillé
5g de levure de boulanger

Mélanger tous les ingrédients dans l'ordre. Ajouter le lait doucement pour ne pas faire de grumeaux. Laisser reposer la pâte à température ambiante pendant 2 heures avant utilisation.
Faites cuire une louche de pâte dans une poêle 1 min., retournez la et laisser une 1/2 minute. La première crèpe est toujours trop épaisse mais cela vous permet de doser l'eau à ajouter pour obtenir de fines crèpes.
A accompagner de sauce chocolat, confirture ou seimplement un peu de sucre en poudre.

Bon appétit !

lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

cupcake for halloween : carrot cake and fluff frosting

It's a long time now I wanted to make a carrot cake. And now Halloween is coming and I though it could be a could treat for the girls. So here is my recipe for carrot cupcake. I found thousands of recipe on the net of course but I wanted 'soft' recipe for kids. Therefore, I didn't want to put any spices nor any crunchy bite in it for them to eat it easily. So I did my own kid's recipe and some with a bit more of ingredients and texture for the adult. I added a 'halloween' frosting that we already tasted and they loved it.

So here you have the ingredients and the recipe.

Kid's version

Cupcakes (22 mini cupcakes)

250g carrots
100g brown sugar
4 eggs
80g gluten free self-raising flour
100g almond powder
1/2 tea spoon salt

- Grate the carrots
- mix the eggs and the brown sugar.
- Then add the almond powder, the salt and the flour.
- Then add the carots.
- Pour into your cupcake shapes and put in the oven for 15min. at 180º

Fluff frosting

150g softened butter
150g icing sugar
200g fluff
1 tea spoon vanilla
Quantities are given as direction but you have to taste the frosting to get it the way you want. This recipe gives a nice marshmallow taste to the frosting that kids love.

- Mix butter and icing sugar.
- Then add fluff and vanilla.
- You can add some colour in it. For Halloween I added orange one.
- Put the frosting in a pipe and pipe as you wish.

Adults version

Cupcakes (22 mini cupcakes)

250g carrots
100g brown sugar
4 eggs
80g gluten free self-raising flour-
100g almond powder
50g sultanas
1 tea spoon cinnamon
1/2 tea spoon salt
1 fresh juice of an orange
1 tea spoon ginger
a bit of musky
1 tea spoon clove

- Grate the carrots
- mix the eggs and the brown sugar.
- Then add the almond powder, the salt and the flour.
- Then add the rest of ingredients and spices.
- Then add the carots.
- Pour into your cupcake shapes and put in the oven for 15min. at 180º


2 white eggs
1 cup of sugar
a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Add the sugar to the white egg. Mix. Then put the container on a pan of boiling water and go on with mixing. Add the salt and the vanilla extrat. Mix until texture is smooth. You can add colorant.

martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Chelsea FC chocolate birthday cake - Gateau d'anniversaire forme ballon de football - Pastel con forma de pelota de futball

Hi there ! It's such a long time I haven't published anything. I'm sorry for that but had a lot to sort out.

This is my last creation for a friend's birthday fan of Chelsea FC : half soccer ball with Chelsea FC scarf. It was challenging, especially to find out the necessary material but I had a lot of fun preparing it. I just made my usual yummy chocolate gluten free cake and a chocolate ganache to give it  a good shape. As I choose not to put any filling, I added double thickness of ganache on top of the cake. Then it's just a question of modeling the sugar paste to have this result.

Once we cut the cake, My friend pour some double cream on it. That was lovely.

sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Tarta de cumpleaños sin gluten ni chocolate / Gateaux d'anniversaire sans gluten et sans chocolat

Hola @ todos,

Esta semana tocaba cumpleaños e hice una tarta especial sin gluten y sin chocolate. Un experimento que salio bien porque la tarta estaba muy rica.

Version Française -> ici
English version -> click here


3 huevos
5 cucharadas soperas de leche
150g de azúcar
200g de harina sin gluten
levadura casera (1cucharadita de bicarbonato + 1 cuchara sopera de vinagre)
35g de mantequilla
70g de nata

Precalentar el horno a 180ºC

Derretir la mantequilla.
Mezclar los huevos y el azúcar. añadir la mantequilla y la harina.
Añadir la levadura, la leche y la nata.

Hornear a 180ºC durante 40 min. para que se quede esponjoso.


Cortar el bizcocho en dos y untar con mermelada de fresa que esta muy rica.
Como no podía poner chocolate asi que puse la masa de azúcar directo sobre el bizcocho. Podía haber añadido un poco de mermelada sobre el bizcocho para que se pegue mejor pero el resultado era presentable.
Utilice pintura comestible para pintar el nombre y la mariposa.

domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Probando la pasteleria creativa - Essai de patisserie créative - Creative Layer Cake

Para la fiesta de cumpleaños de mis niñas con sus amigos, tocan dos pasteles de princesa. A la mayor le gusta mucho Blanca Nieves así que busque un fondant amarillo como base y decore con flores y encaje rojo y azul. Y la pequeña eligió la Sirenita.

En el segundo pastel me salio un encaje muy bonito pero lo siento la foto es de muy mala calidad.

Para hacer las flores utilice uno de los cortadores que sirven para hacer pétalos de rosas y como no encontré perlas para decorar sin gluten, pues hice unas bolitas de fondant.

Para el bizcocho y el relleno utilice la receta de Tarta de cumpleaños chocolate/Fresa.


Pour la fête d'anniversaire des mes filles avec leurs amis, j'ai fait deux gateaux décorés, l'un Blanche Neige l'autre La Petite Sirène. J'ai joué avec les couleurs et fait de la 'broderie'. Les fleurs sont faites avec un des emporte pièce qui sert habituellement à faire les pétales de rose.

Pour le centre des fleurs, comme je n'ai pas trouvé de perles décoratives sans gluten, j'ai fait mes propres perles avec un peu de pâte à sucre.

Pour la génoise et le fourrage j'ai suivi ma recette de Gateau d'Anniversaire au chocolat et à la fraise.

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Tarta de cumpleaños chocolate/fresa - Gateau d'anniversaire chocolat /fraise - Birthday cake chocolate/strawberry

Después de mi primer intento de incorporar un mousse de fresa en un pastel que no salio todo lo  bien que quería pues para el cumpleaños de mi niña, repetí y esta vez me salio genial. Ademas la decoraron mi niña. Asi quedo como ella queria.

Así que una receta muy simple : bizcocho de chocolate, un mousse de fresa de relleno con fresas enteras frescas (metí menos mousse y mas fresas todo alrededor) y una cobertura de ganache de chocolate.

Tenéis todos los enlaces para preparar este pastel y hacer el montaje.

Algunos consejos (que saque de mis propios errores... :-) ) :
- Para un bizcocho bien esponjoso, no pasarse de hornear. Son 40 min. pero hay que vigilar. Yo voy picando el pastel con un palo para brocheta de aluminio. En cuanto sale seco (hay que picar en el centro del pastel) pues esta hecho.
- Para evitar que se queme la parte de arriba se puede poner papel de aluminio para cubrir después de 20min. de hornear.
- Dejar el bizcocho enfriar completamente antes de poner el mousse
- No olvidar de untar las 2 caras interiores del bizcocho con zumo de naranja para que el bizcocho no 'chupe' el relleno que le vamos a poner.

Manos a la obra !

* Version Française *

Après mon premier essai de gateau au chocolat avec mousse à la fraise qui n'a pas été aussi bien que j'aurais voulu (j'ai mis la mousse à la fraise avant que la génoise soit complètement refroidie) pour l'anniversaire de ma fille j'ai recommencé la même recette et cette fois c'était une vrai réussite. Et décoré par ma fille à son goût.

La recette est donc simple : une génoise au chocolat, une mousse à la fraise et des fraises entières et une ganache au chocolat.

Voilà, vous avez tous les liens pour commencer à faire ce gateau et le monter.

Quelques conseils que j'ai tiré de mes propres erreurs :
- Pour une génoise qui ne soit pas trop sèche, vérifier la cuisson régulièrement à partir de 40 min. (selon votre four).
- Pour que le dessus ne brûle pas, poser une feuille d'aluminium après 1/2 heure de cuisson.
- Laisser la génoise refroidir complètement avant de mettre la crème à la fraise.
- Ne pas oublier de badigeonner de jus d'orange les deux moitiés intérieurs de la génoise avant de mettre la crème.

Au travail !

* English translation *

My first try of chocolate cake and strawberry mousse didn't ended as well as I wanted. This time, for my daughter's birthday I did it again and it goes really well. She even decorated herself and was proud of it.

The receip is very simple : a chocolate sponge cake, a strawberry mousse and strawberries and a chocolate 'ganache'.

You have all the links to start your cake and assembly.

Here are some advice I can give you from my experience :
- To reach a spongy cake check from time to time the baking after passed 40 min. (baking depends on your oven).
- To avoid your cake to burn on the top you can cover it with an aluminium sheet after half an hour baking.
- Leave your sponge cake cool down completely before spreading the mousse.
- Do not forget to spread the filling in the cake.

Good Luck !