Valentaine's day cake gluten free

Valitine's day is near and I did a try with a chocolate cake filled in with strawberry mousse. Easy-to-do, I hope you will enjoy it.

  • Preparation : 1h
  • Baking : 40 min.

First we have to prepare a sponge cake following the receip for mini-muffin on this blog here aqui. Baking is more of less 40 minutes but 30 minutes after starting the baking you have to regularly check if cooked. This avoid to have a dry sponge cake.

Once the sponge cake is done, put it on a grill to cool it. Once done, open the sponge cake into two pieces.

Ingredients for strawberry mousse

20cl cream (35% fat minimum)
2 soup spoon of sugar
250g strawberries
2 neutral jelly leaves


In a pan put together 50g of strawberry bites, one soup spoon of sugar and 2 soup spoon of water. Leave it for 15min. Meanwhile put the jelly leaves into a bowl of tepid water to get them soft. Then put them in the pan and mix until dissolved. Put together in a mixer the strawberry mermelade and 50g of fresh strawberries and mix.

Spread orange juice in each interior of the sponge cake to keep it spongy. Cut the strawberries in the middle and put them on one of the half sponge cake.

Whip the cream with one soup spoon of sugar. Add little by little the strawberry mermalade without   'breaking' the whipped cream. Put the mix in the fridge for one hour.

Pour the strawberry cream mix on the sponge cake and put the second half of the sponge cake on top of it.
Prepare a ganache (see receip here) and cover the sides and the top of the cake.
Put it in the fridge for half an hour and then add the 'fondant' on top of the cake and decorate it as you wish.

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