Spongy biscuits 'à la cuillère'

Strawberry charlotte is a very nice dessert that I would like to try to do. But for that we need spongy biscuits 'à la cuillère'.

Here is a simple and quick way to make yours, gluten free.

These quantities give around 30 biscuits.


3 eggs
60 g gluten free flour
90 g icing sugar
1/2 coffee spoon of baking powder, gluten free


Separate the egg yolk and white.
Manually whisk the yolk with half of the icing sugar.
Then add the flour and the baking powder.

Whip up egg whites and then add the other half of the icing sugar in the end.

Mix both preparations together without breaking too much the whites.

With a pipping bag, form the biscuits onto a baking tray. Dust some icing sugar on them and cook in the over 20 min. 150°.

Leave them cooling on the baking tray for 15 min. before to remove them. You will break them otherwise.

That's it.

Tip : I had only one baking tray so I cooked the biscuits in too batch. The second one didn't gave the same result.

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