A birthday cake without gluten and without chocolate

Some weeks ago I took a challenge : adapting my chocolate cake receip to a chocolate free diet. The challenge went good and the cake delicious.


3 eggs
5 spoon of milk
150g sugar
200g gluten free flour
home made baking powder (1 tea spoon bicarbonate + 1 soup spoon vinegar)
35g butter
70g single cream

Preheat the oven 180ºC
Melt the butter.
Mix the eggs and the sugar, then add the butter and the flour and mix.
Add the home made baking powder, the milk and the single cream and mix well.

Pour in a dish and put in the oven during 40 min.


Cut the sponge cake in the middle and spread orange juice on each half. Then spread strawberry marmelade.
As I couldn't use chocolate, I cover the cake with sugar fondant directly on the sponge cake. The result was fine but could be better if I cover first the cake with some strawberry marmelade.
I used edible paint to outline the name and the buterfly.

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